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Whether you’re an author or a publisher, you want your book in readers’ hands!

Our aim at JustRead Publicity Tours, LLC is to organize a campaign to meet your promotional goals best. JustRead’s campaigns are hosted by passionate, positive, and enthusiastic readers buzzing about books through blogs, reviews, and social media platforms.

Hosts are our essential volunteers and talented influencers eager to spread the word about Christian and/or sweet-read titles (wholesome, clean, closed-door, etc.). We have various campaigns available, ranging from conventional blog tours and review collections to focused exposure on social media platforms.

With creativity and dedication, JustRead will work with you to help increase your book’s exposure and readership. We’re happy to provide custom quotes if you don’t find what you want within our services. For best results, we recommend scheduling 6-9 months in advance.

If you want to schedule a promotional campaign, please review our services and complete our campaign inquiry form.



General Information

JustRead Publicity Tours, LLC (aka JustRead) provides fully organized campaign sign-ups, marketing, host selection, giveaway entries/winner selection where applicable, and follow-up with each host’s stop. A launch post will be published on JustRead’s website or our social media platforms.

Clients, please be prepared to provide:

  • Book Information: high-resolution cover image, synopsis, publisher, release date, genre, author bio, author image
  • Special content: excerpts, guest posts, interview responses…etc.
  • Review or promotional copies (ebook/print)
  • Giveaway prizes (We are happy to brainstorm with you if you need ideas.)

Note: While we always encourage our hosts to review books received, certain campaigns do not include the hosts’ commitment to review the book by a certain date or our collection of direct review links. Those campaigns are marked as “no review collection” below. Hosts may or may not choose to share reviews on those campaigns.


Multi-book/author campaign discounted bundles are available for publishers and authors requesting six or more campaigns in a single calendar year or invoice. Please get in touch with us via email: justreadtours[AT]gmail[DOT]com or complete a Campaign Inquiry Form for more information.

Review Campaigns

Reviewer Tours are open to all readers and do not involve any blog or social media stops. Readers review the book or listen to the audiobook and share their reviews on Goodreads/BookBub and at least one retail site.

Blind Tours are essentially a “blind date with a book.” We match an author’s backlist title with interested readers. Readers who have completed our Blind Book Compatibility Form are eligible and agree to review the book on Goodreads/Bookbub and at least one retail site.

Blog Campaigns

Traditional Tours are five or three days long and include review, spotlight, interview, and guest post stops with a tour-wide giveaway. Available to feature books or audiobooks with upgrades for unlimited hosts (blog hosts) and/or unlimited reviewers (including reviewer hosts without a blog).

Takeover Blitz 

Our social media/blog blitz bundle is designed to allow your title to “take over” the internet. Takeover Blitz campaigns are available in three or one-day durations and include blog spotlights and social media posts with a campaign-wide giveaway. An upgrade is available for unlimited reviewers (including hosts without a social media presence or blog). (no review collection without upgrade)

Social Media Campaigns

Social Blitz campaigns are available in three or one-day durations and include host stops on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter featuring images created by JustRead or hosts. A participating host giveaway OR print/ebook copies for interested hosts are required. (no review collection)

Bookstagram Tours are available in three or five-day durations and include host stops on Instagram featuring stylized images created by each host with a tour-wide giveaway. Upgrades are available for unlimited reviewers (including reviewer hosts without a public Instagram account) and/or unlimited hosts for the five-day tour. (no review collection without upgrade)


JustRead creates affordable custom graphics for websites, social media, and/or other promotional use.


The average JustRead campaign base rate for our most popular 3-5 day options is approximately $155. Please submit a campaign inquiry form to request a price quote for our services.




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quick links : campaign inquiry form | services | resources | recognition | testimonials | client terms & conditions