Current Sign Ups

Current Tours available for sign ups are listed here. For more information about the featured book(s) or the tour, click on the banner.  This page will be updated regularly.  Here are the type of tours we have available for sign ups:

  • Social Media Tours – Must use their social media accounts to participate. Examples includes:
    • Takeover Tours
    • Instagram (Bookstagram/Bookgram) Tours
    • Social Media Blitzes
    • Social Media Cover Reveals
  • Blog Tours – These tours will require hosts to post on a blog. Open to all bloggers.
    • Blog Tours
    • Blog Hops
    • Blog Blitzes
  • Reviewer Tours – These tours are open to ALL readers. Reviewers are required to read the book provided, and post a review on either Goodreads or BookBub and your choice of at least 1 retail site.

Current Sign Ups 

October 2019

 Banner_EdgeofTruth_BlogBlitz_JR  Banner_FateoftheRedeemed_BlogRev_JR  Banner_SonoftheFather_QuoteReview_JR  Banner_LessonsonLove_Takeover_JR  Banner_TheTelegraph Proposal_BlogRevJR  Banner_DeadlyCommitment_TakeoverJR

 November 2019

Banner_03 The Red Journal_Reviewer_JR  Banner_StandAlone_ReviewerJR

December 2019

Banner_IggyOz_Reviewer_JR  Banner_AllinGoodTime_ReviewerJR

January 2020


Coming Soon:

All in Good Time by Carolyn Astfalk
Montana Brides series by Becca Whitham
A Beautiful Mess by Brenda S. Anderson (The Mosaic Collection)
The Telegraph Proposal by Becca Whitham
Deadly Commitment by Kathy Harris
The Bright Unknown by Elizabeth Byler Younts
The Forever Sky by Janalyn Voigt
and more coming. . .