Current Tours available for sign up are listed here. For more information about the featured book(s) or the tour, click on the banner.  This page will be updated regularly.

Types of tours include the following:

  • Social Media Tours – These tours utilize social media accounts. Examples include:
    • Takeover Tours
    • Instagram (Bookstagram/Bookgram/IG) Tours
    • Social Media Blitzes
    • Social Media Cover Reveals
    • Quote Tours
  • Blog Tours – These tours will require hosts to post on a blog. Open to all bloggers.
    • Blog Tours
    • Blog Hops
    • Blog Blitzes
  • Reviewer Tours – These tours are open to ALL readers. Reviewers are required to read the book (or JustListen to the audiobook) provided and post a review on either Goodreads or BookBub and your choice of at least 1 retail site.
    • Blog + Review Tours have a Reviewer only option that does not require a blog. The timeframe is sometimes shorter than a general Reviewer Tour but the requirements are the same.
    • Blind Date with a Book information

Current Sign Ups 

Blog Tours & Reviewer Tours

 Calm Before the Storm Blog + Review Tour Accidental Target Blog + Review Tour We Go On Blog Tour Love Her Well Blog Tour The Secret Sisters Club Blog Tour A Love Redeemed Blog + Review Tour Just Jones JustRead Blog Tour The Bird and the Bees Blog + Review Tour Trouble Blows West JustRead Blog Tour Freedom's Call JustRead Blog Tour His Love Revealed Blog Tour A Ranger for the Twins Blog Tour Love Your Selfie Blog Tour

Expecting Danger Reviewer Tour Tethered Reviewer Tour Heart Restoration Reviewer Tour Molly Reviewer Tour Heart of a Warrior Reviewer Tour The Secret Sisters Club Reviewer Tour Trouble Blows West JustRead Reviewer Tour The Crownless King Reviewer Tour Return to Me Reviewer Tour Pieces of Granite Reviewer Tour

Audiobook Blog & Reviewer Tours

more coming soon!

Social Media Tours

Fragments of Light JustRead IG Tour Love's Autumn Harvest Quote Tour Tethered Social Blitz Louisa Quote Tour Just Jones IG Tour The Price of Dreams Quote Tour A Portrait of Loyalty IG Tour Under the Tulip Tree JustRead IG Tour Two Reasons to Run JustRead Takeover Tour A Ranger for the Twins Takeover Tour A Life Once Dreamed Takeover Tour Pieces of Granite digital IG Tour The Cowboy's Christmas Blessings IG Tour Love Your Selfie Takeover Tour The Price of Valor JustRead Takeover Tour Everywhere to Hide JustRead IG Tour


Coming Soon:

Simply West of Heaven by Monique Bucheger
Being West is Best
by Monique Bucheger
by Lorna Seilstad
Chasing the Butterfly
by Jayme Mansfield
Softly Blows the Bugle by Jan Drexler
Deadly Connection by Jennifer Pierce
Return to Me by Heidi McCahan (yes, more!)
Rush by Jayme Mansfield
The Love Note by Joanna Davidson Politano
The Red Canary by Rachel Scott McDaniel
Seasoned by Jayme Mansfield
One Woman Falling by Melanie Campbell

and lots more. . .