JustRead Deals


Summer is here and JustRead Publicity Tours wants to help authors to get their words read, and bringing readers words to read.  We have two new original tours available for booking.

  • Blind Tours is essentially a “blind date with a book” type of tour. We match an author’s backlist title with interested readers. Readers will fill out a “Blind Book Compatibility Form” and we’ll arrange to get the author’s books to the readers’ hands.
  • Quote Tours are social media type tours featuring graphics created by readers and shared across social media of quotes from the featured title.
  • Authors, with this launch, we’re also offering a 15% discount towards these tours if you book by July 28, 2019. For more information, fill out our “Book a Campaign” form and we’ll be in touch with ideas to help promote your title(s)! (FYI, filling out the form is noncommittal and only used for informational purposes only.)
  • Readers, we’re always looking for readers to join our team. Check out our “Join Us” tab for more info!