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Here’s what our clients and hosts have to say about JustRead Publicity Tours…


Thank you so very much for all your hard work! I had a great experience with the tours! I was blown away by how supportive and kind the ladies were. What an amazing group of people! Thank you for taking care of me during this entire process. It was such a JOY to sit back and let you take care of everything. I had zero worries and concerns the entire time and with all I have going on in my life, this was a HUGE blessing.

Tammy Lash, author

Authors have a variety of marketing options, but this was one of the most effective ones I did during launch. I was very pleased with the response, and the reviews seemed honest and heartfelt.

Ashley Rescot, author

Working with JustRead Tours has been a delight. Your staff is professional and proficient. I have launched numerous books on my own, but working with JustRead Tours has been an extremely productive experience. In the future, I will include in my book contracts to hire JustRead Tours for my book launches.
I have already recommended JustRead Tours to a number of my author friends/acquaintances and I will continue to shout your praises! Working with your team was amazing, and an incredible blessing!

Rhonda Stopp, author

I wanted to send you a colossal thank you for all you did in promoting my book. Holy cow, I was blown away by everything you provided, the high-quality work everyone did, and the amount of people who saw my book thanks to your work. Y’all are amazing!

Donna Mumma, author

Thank you so much for the wonderful blog blitz! I was extremely happy with the service and the bloggers did a fantastic job getting the word out. I could see on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that they were promoting the book. I will definitely be using your service again and I will recommend it to others.

Lynn Shannon, author

I’m absolutely pumped by the reviews, the burgeoning list of Book Bub followers, and the increased readership for my newsletter. Your work was well worth the price.

Patricia Lee, author

I’ve been impressed with the results I got from both the reviewer tour and the blog tour. My sales went up dramatically when the blog tour started and are still up…. It was money well spent. I will definitely use JustRead for the next book out! 

Sherrinda Ketchersid, author

Doing this tour with JustRead has been a great experience. You ladies are well organized and have a far reach on social media. As a new author trying to find the right readers for my book, your tour was exactly what I needed.

Michelle De Bruin, author

I loved my JustRead tour! My debut year was also a focus-on-the-family year. I had to cancel every trip and conference to be home, where I was most needed. Thanks to the tour though, I still managed to meet several new-to-me bloggers and readers. The icing on the cake? I reached 100 Amazon reviews mid-tour thanks to Radiant Light, our last stop.

Patricia Beal, debut author

Working with Carrie and Annie was an absolute delight. I literally did not know where to start when it came to cover reveals and book-release tours and these ladies jumped in and handled everything. The graphics were beautiful, I was thrilled with the blog posts, and most of all, I felt like I had people rooting for me to succeed.

Brandy Bruce, author

Working with Carrie (Reading is My Superpower) and Annie (Just Commonly), was an absolute blast. Choosing them to run a blog tour for my last release was a no-brainer. They have the know-how and consummate professionalism to keep everything running smoothly from start to finish. I barely had to lift a finger! I would highly recommend them for all your publishing/book launch/promotional needs!

Catherine West, author


What an awesome job you did with the HTML, best I’ve ever gotten. Thank you.

Musings By Maureen

Excellent rules and guidelines! JustRead Publicity protects their reviewers and clients from bullying. They provide clear, concise rules for their participants. JustRead Publicity has a clean, minimalistic web design that is aesthetically pleasing and very easy to use. I look forward to watching them grow as a publicity group!

Kristin L. on Facebook

…I’m so grateful to be a @justreadtours host! I’ve only been a host since February [2020], but I’ve already been introduced to some incredible authors and books. I don’t have to worry about questionable content; it’s clean or Christian, which was definitely a selling point for me. The queen bees are so nice and the whole community is genuine.


These #queenbees not only work hard to share great books with the world, they care about their hosts.


Reviews matter and sharing books make a difference – and this bee in the JustRead hive is happy to do both. Thank you, JustRead Tours!

It is always an honor to serve as a host for @justreadtours. I always enjoy discovering new authors through tours and helping promote upcoming books.


I love being one of the hosts and reviewers—it gives me the push I sometimes need to pick up, read, talk about, and hype good books. It is always a pleasure to be a part of a tour, and I look forward to many more!


I’ve been blessed to be part of the JustRead family as a host and it’s been a wonderful experience for me. Not only do I feel these women are my best friends in my head, they are so wonderful to work with and I’ve enjoyed being part of their family.


I’m grateful I joined JustRead. It has introduced me to new-to-me authors whose books I’ve enjoyed and other bloggers and bookstagramers who share my love of books.


…I love being a host because I know when I receive a book from them, it’s going to be clean. No unpleasant surprises.


Being a JustRead host has been one of the most glorious decisions I made this past year. I get to read books from all my favorite genres and authors.


What way to make reading an even better hobby than by doing it with a like-minded community.


I am relatively new but the few tours I have been in have been amazing. Thank you @justreadtours for such an amazing experience….

            Jemimah Adesina on Facebook

…If not for @JustReadTours, I wouldn’t have discovered some of the genres and authors I have!

Marie Edwards on Facebook


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