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Client Terms & Conditions

Important Information:

Each host that signs up to post during a campaign does so voluntarily. They are neither employees nor agents of JustRead Publicity Tours, LLC. As such, by law, there are certain things we cannot control.

  • We cannot control or influence the content of their reviews, and we are not responsible for less-than-favorable reviews. Of course, we hope for all 4 and 5-star reviews, but it’s said that ‘no two people ever read the same book’. Personal preferences, life experiences, and other factors influence every reader. What we ask of hosts is to kindly give their honest opinions.
  • Neither can we require hosts/reviewers to post to specific retail sites. We certainly encourage them to post to the usual places but legally we cannot require this.
  • We are also not responsible for hosts who do not post on time (or at all) during a scheduled campaign. We make every effort to ensure we have scheduled reliable hosts who will post on their specific day and we follow up daily with each assignee. Any host who misses (or is severely delinquent in) 3 posts – and does not contact us prior in order to reschedule – will no longer be allowed to participate in JustRead campaigns.

By contracting JustRead’s services for the organization of a promotional campaign, the client agrees not to contact hosts via direct message or email with the exception of ebook delivery for review purposes. Clients are welcome to interact with hosts via public blog or social media comments. Again, hosts are volunteering their time and talents to promote these titles.

At JustRead our primary focus is Christian and clean-read fiction. Please let us know if the book associated with the campaign contains any content which may be offensive or distressing to sensitive readers (a list of potential subject matters is presented on the campaign inquiry form and available upon request). Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your campaign with no refund, particularly if the campaign has already begun. Content notes help hosts select the most relevant titles for review and their unique promotional audience. Because we (Beth, Carrie, and Mimi) are receiving compensation related to the book(s) associated with the campaign, we are not ethically permitted to post our reviews on any retail sites.

Please be aware that promoting a title with multiple campaigns (of the same type) with certain touring companies may result in duplicate or lower host turnout in one or all campaigns. JustRead offers a variety of campaign types, please let us know what other promotional plans you have so we can help you build the best possible campaign.

Shipment of any print copies to individual hosts and all giveaways are the client’s (author’s or publisher’s) responsibility. JustRead will supply the giveaway entry method, and select and contact the winner(s). Delivery of the giveaway to the winner is not our liability or responsibility. We are not responsible for lost mail or damaged books/prizes. We are also not responsible for what the winner may or may not do with their prize.

The newsletter subscription giveaway entry option provides entrants with a direct link to subscribe to a newsletter. Email addresses are managed as sensitive information at JustRead and those obtained through giveaways are only utilized for the express purposes of verifying entries and notifying winners. A list of email addresses for newsletter subscriptions will not be provided to the client.

Payments and Refunds:

  • Prices on proposals will be valid 30 days after issued. After 30 days, a new request is required to receive an updated proposal. Proposed campaign dates will be held for 72 hours from the proposal issue date. After 72 hours, proposed campaign dates may no longer be available.
  • A confirmation will be emailed to you once your campaign is scheduled. An invoice with payment details will be sent shortly after with the exception of fiscal year allowances. Any payment made will also act as acknowledgment and acceptance of all terms and conditions of this agreement.
  • JustRead Publicity Tours will provide a host mailing list and deadlines per campaign to Clients for specific needs from Clients. Failure to provide requested information, ship books, and/or send ebooks by the requested date hinders our efforts to bring you and our other clients the best possible campaign results and will result in a $25 inconvenience fee per campaign to cover additional work incurred.
  • Any additional fees or upgrades will be billed prior to the completion of the campaign.
  • Payment must be made in full by the invoice due date. Failure to pay in full at least 14 days prior to the beginning of a campaign will result in immediate cancelation of the earliest campaign without refund and a freeze on any remaining campaigns.
  • We currently accept secure payments through Intuit (QuickBooks Online) via bank draft or debit/credit card or clients may choose to mail a physical check to our post office box. PayPal payment is available to our international clients upon request.
  • We may give a partial refund or credit if we are unable to find a minimum of 5 hosts for your campaign/upgrade. Administrative costs will still apply. No refund will be given for a host’s failure to post, for negative reviews, or if you do not like reviews or posts.
  • Termination of booked campaigns must be provided in writing in an email or postal mail format only. Social media or private messaging are not valid. Termination fees will apply based on the project timeline.

We at JustRead are honored to be preparing a campaign for your title or bookish event. Thank you for working with us!

(last updated February 2023)

quick links : campaign inquiry form | services | resourcesRECOGNITION | testimonials